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Avi Spiller


Avi, a seasoned educator and dedicated mathematician, hails from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He attended Florida International University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education, marking the inception of a thriving career that spans over three decades. Avi is renowned for his profound dedication to tutoring, having spent more than 30 years supporting students and igniting their passion for mathematics.

With over 23 years of experience in a traditional classroom setting, Avi has a deep understanding of the pedagogical processes that help students learn effectively. He couples this with a comprehensive understanding of standardized tests, studying them meticulously to unravel the methodology behind their creation. This unique approach has been instrumental in helping students prepare for these critical examinations.

Avi's expertise is not confined to general mathematics education. He is a recognized authority in SAT and ACT preparation, having developed robust curriculum models adopted by some of the most prestigious private schools in the nation. His methodology integrates a deep understanding of standardized testing mechanisms, curricular coherence, and individual student needs, making his approach uniquely effective.

In addition, Avi holds certification in Special Education, reinforcing his commitment to inclusive education. He believes strongly in the potential of all students, regardless of their abilities. His teaching program reflects this commitment, designed meticulously to cater to a diverse spectrum of students and empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Throughout his distinguished career, Avi has maintained his focus on transforming the lives of students through education. His passion for teaching, depth of knowledge, and innovative approach continue to inspire his students and colleagues alike.


Taimir is a highly accomplished entrepreneur whose impressive career is a testament to her innate business acumen and unwavering commitment to customer relations. Born into a business-oriented family, Taimir grew up learning sales strategies from her father. Demonstrating extraordinary initiative, she made her first foray into entrepreneurship at just 13 years old when she made her first investment in a business venture.

In 2003, Taimir showcased her transformative leadership abilities when she acquired and rebranded Ed's Pest Control into Pest-Logic. With her at the helm, she efficiently managed all aspects of the business, from marketing and sales to daily operations. Her hands-on approach ensured not only efficient service delivery but also the development of cutting-edge office operations. Under her stewardship, the company flourished and emerged as a reputable pest control service provider.

Taimir's relentless drive and strategic decision-making led to a monumental achievement in her career when, after 17 years at the helm, she sold Pest-Logic to one of the largest pest control companies in the nation. This landmark accomplishment further solidified her reputation as a seasoned businesswoman with a knack for making shrewd business decisions.

In 2023, Taimir embraced a new challenge when she assumed the role of Vice President at Scoremax. Leveraging her extensive experience and deep-seated passion for making a difference, Taimir continues to bring invaluable insights, inspiring leadership, and a strategic mindset to her role. She is not just a seasoned leader but also a source of inspiration in the organization.

From a young entrepreneur to a respected business leader, Taimir's journey is a compelling narrative of resilience, determination, and impactful leadership. Her unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and her strategic business approach distinguish her in a competitive business landscape. Today, Taimir continues to drive success wherever she goes, inspiring everyone with her exceptional abilities and unmatched determination.

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Experienced Professionals Impacting Communities. The Epic Foundation was established in 2014 to provide Scholarships and Financial Aid to underserved students throughout South Florida.  ScoreMax is excited to have a partnership with The Epic Foundation and Impacting students for scholarship opportunities.

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